The Training section was created with the aim of offering guided surgery courses to Doctors and Dental technicians. Our aim is to assist the professionals step by step during all the surgery phases in order to ensure a predictable and safe procedure.


Implant 3D is the software that allows you to perform three-dimensional implant designs directly on your PC.
Implant design is a fundamental step for the creation of surgical guides.
The purpose of the course is to provide participants with all the instructions required to best use the software for creating an implant design efficiently. Courses are held for all versions of Implant 3D and for verticalization.


The personalized 1-day course takes place at the premises of the Applicant Dentist or Dental Technician. The support of our specialists will be aimed at providing training on the entire protocol and the analysis of specific cases.
The theoretical and practical group course is aimed at all professionals who want to learn the different stages of guided surgery with training on how to use the software and on a first case of guided surgery.
Media Lab offers the option to request a consultancy service, thus to take advantage of the collaboration with a specialist in guided implant procedures. The customer who requests such collaboration, immediately acquires operational skills by carrying out a theoretical and practical course on the methodology. Our specialists perform all surgical stages, implant placement and possibly even the temporary prosthetic application phase.


The software assisted surgery is a guided surgery technique that involves the placement of implants according to a design that takes into account prosthetic structures. At the end of the course, the student will be given the qualification of dental technician and his/her name will be entered in the Media Lab portal.
The following are the topics covered
Guided Surgery – Traditional Clinical Protocol – Radiology – Implant 3D Software Implant Planning – Certification software – Cad/Cam systems – sales


Media Lab is pleased to invite you to one of our business dinners. A series of itinerant events that will take place in different Italian and foreign cities. An informal dinner where you can share information, experiences and needs, with the aim to find the most suitable and innovative solutions.
Guided surgery – Implant planning software – 3D Printers – Intraoral Scanners – Cephalometry – Zygomatic implants – Cad/Cam systems – Bone support guides