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Implant 3D Software

Implant 3D is the software that allows you to perform 3D implant simulation directly on your PC.
The software allows the user to simulate the position of implants on two-dimensional and three-dimensional models,
identify the mandibular canal, trace panoramic views and sections of the bone model, view the three-dimensional bone model
and calculate bone density. With Implant 3D, the Dentist can plan implant-prosthetic surgery safely, efficiently and quickly.

Anyone can create a surgical guide

Creating a surgical guide has never been easier. Implant 3D allows you to create your own surgical guide for a safe and precise implant surgery, with just a few clicks.


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Implant 3D enables the user to design surgical guides for computer-guided implant-prosthetic surgery for any type of protocol, whether it is mucosa supported, mucosa-dental supported, bone supported or based on double CT scan. With just a few clicks, you can get an extremely precise and personalized surgical guide. Simply select the edge of the surgical guide and the type of sleeve to use and you will generate the STL file ready to be printed with a 3D printer.
The advanced features allow you to add text to the surgical template, create inspection holes, and add text for easy identification of the printed surgical template. In addition, it allows you to export the model for analogue models, properly drilled according to the implant system used and the size of the analogue models.

Implant 3D Plans

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  • Free Software License *
  • Free Software Upgrades
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Number of STL file exports

* Export credit is the possibility to save on your PC the STL file of the surgical guide or the model for analogs, ready to be printed with a compatible 3D printer.
The software license and the STL file export credits have a 12 months validity from the day of purchase. It is possible to renew the Standard plan with a new export credit pack before the expiration date. The Unlimited plan is a yearly subscription and the cost of the renew plan is € 700 for the following years. You can cancel the subscription at any time.


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